Investment Planning:

How will you reach your goals?

Our approach to investment planning is based on two fundamental beliefs. First, that sensible risk-taking will be rewarded – stocks, with their dividends and growth, will provide a greater long-term return than bonds. Second, that although inflation will always ebb and flow, it will never disappear.

When you come to us for investment counsel, we will work with you to determine when and how much you will need to draw on your investment assets. If you’re saving for a young child’s education, you’ll need long-term growth. If your nest is long empty, you’ll need a strong and steady income flow, with moderate growth to combat inflation.

Many of our clients are multi-generational families, with accounts that span the investment spectrum. In these cases, we determine the best strategy for each client as an individual, and for the family as a whole.

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Investment Management:

At Spinnaker Trust, we believe that strategic diversification and risk management are key to our clients’ success. To achieve this diversification, we assess each client’s assets, time horizons and individual needs and craft a portfolio allocation that is carefully and uniquely spread across a wide horizon.

We strive not only for good investment returns but also to manage risk. To that end we offer multiple strategies with various risk levels and management styles to achieve your goals. What results are custom-tailored portfolios in which one, or a combination of, our strategies is employed. For accredited investors, further diversification may be achieved through the use of our alternative investment products, which include a hedge fund of funds, a private equity fund, as well as real estate investment opportunities.

Whatever investments are right for you, we promise to be as vigilant about managing your risk as we are determined to help your wealth grow stronger.

Fossil Fuel Free Investing

We strive to meet the needs of all of our clients, and an excellent example of this is our Fossil Fuel Free (FFF) Portfolio. The FFF Portfolio was developed in response to a request from our client, Unity College, and it has since grown to be an attractive investment model for clients who are considering how their investments contribute to climate change.


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Tax and Estate Planning:

Without proper planning, income and estate taxes can devour much of the wealth you would rather pass on. At Spinnaker Trust, we help devise, strategies to minimize both income taxes and gift and estate taxes. A gift of appreciated stock to a charity or charitable trust, for example, might help to diversify a large block of highly appreciated stock while, at the same time, reducing estate and income taxes.

We work with our clients and their outside advisors to formulate and implement plans that not only achieve their tax goals, but also, as importantly, to help them transfer their wealth according to their unique family vision. In looking ahead toward a client’s retirement years, our understanding of the complex tax rules pertaining to retirement plans allows us to help our clients make the most of these plans’ tax and investment benefits.

The bottom line: We help our clients maximize what they can enjoy now and what they can, someday, pass on.

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Tax Preparation:

Spinnaker's tax group is staffed with tax professionals experienced in working with complex family situations.  Whether it be tax planning around sales of marketable securities, privately held assets, real estate or other unusual circumstances, we can help you make the best tax decisions for your situation.

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Trustee Services:

Working in concert with our clients’ lawyers, accountants and other advisors, we serve as trustee for a variety of trusts — trusts for young children; marital trusts; credit-shelter trusts for a surviving spouse or children; charitable remainder and lead trusts; grantor retained annuity trusts (“GRAT s”); special-needs trusts for disabled individuals; and irrevocable life insurance trusts.

At Spinnaker, we are committed to helping parents and grandparents manage and transfer wealth in a way that will not compromise their beneficiaries’ drive and motivation. With compassion and sensitivity, we help surviving spouses, many of whom may have had limited involvement with investments, understand their complete financial picture.

We work with families to plan and implement highly specialized trusts. And in all of our personal trust services, we always keep in mind that we are charged with helping our clients fulfill their objectives, not our own.

Spinnaker also has an expertise in serving as the trustee of corporate 401(k) plans and employee stock ownership plans (“ESOPs”). We work closely with company management to design and administer the plans, offering personalized employee education and consultation.

Your success, the success of all of our clients, is Spinnaker’s legacy.

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ESOP Trustee Services:

Spinnaker Trust provides specialized trustee and custodial services for your ESOP.  Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing you with the customized, professional services your plan deserves.  From objective guidance on complex company decisions to helping navigate the ever-changing sea of regulations, Spinnaker remains focused on the primary goal; long term growth and prosperity for the participants of your ESOP.

We can serve as trustee for both ESOP purchase transactions and ongoing ESOP trust needs. 

Our Services include:

  • Annual retention of  a reputable valuation company to appraise the Company stock held in the ESOP
  • Thorough review and evaluation of the valuation report to determine annual fair market value
  • Coordinate the administration of the trust between the Company and the record keeper (Third Party Administrator)
  • Participant education – on-site meetings and custom materials
  • Work with attorney to maintain compliance with ERISA and DOL regulations and your plan document
  • Control trust activity
  • Collect employer contributions and dividends
  • Guarantee timely payment of debt obligations
  • Execute distributions as directed by the administrator
  • Ensure accurate and timely filing of annual reports and statements
  • Review re-purchase obligation studies and funding
  • Fiduciary oversight and monitoring of plan assets
  • Custodial services
  • Investment management for re-purchase reserve funds
  • Represent the ESOP Trust in shareholder meetings, including share voting
  • Assist in trust accounting matters with your management team


We invite you to watch our Spinnaker Trust ESOP Trustee Services video here.

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